START of Dutch GP 1973

Zandvoort 1973

...this picture is very special because, later after this picture was taken, on lap 8 to be precise, Roger went wide on a right hander on the fast zone of the circuit and spun off. His March crashed...

..David Purley in his private March 731, stopped his car..

..and ran to Williamson..

..Purley tried to push the car back onto it's wheels with no success..


..he then grabbed a fire extinguisher from a marshal..


..and tried to extinguish the blaze.. of the marshals offered commiseration, but Purley fought him off..


..probably still disgusted by receiving no help from him or anyone else..


..his body language the complete picture of despair..

..finally, when it was obvious that Roger had not survived, an old fire engine arrived..







..they could only extinguish the fire..

..roll the car back on its wheels..
..and cover it with a blanket.. Purley slowly drives to the pits.....




END of Dutch GP 1973

Zandvoort 1973

The interview with Ben Huisman in English
The interview with Herman Brammer in English
Chronology of Sunday 29th of July 1973 from interviews with Ben Huisman, race director Zandvoort Grand Prix in 1973, Herman Brammer, track official Post #10 and Gijs van Lennep, driver at the Grand Prix at Zandvoort in 1973.
Many thanks for Ed Kiers from Holland for translating the interviews
Photos taken from Forix, me and unknown. HOME